Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lizz Murphy — Poem 151: In the frame (with Sarah)

In response to Sarah St Vincent Welch's With Lizz


A long awaited coffee
splash of red framed by orange
Old time’s sake
precious writing mornings
What colour were the 90s

A scarlet man on his smart phone
The memory of a raptor’s hindquarter
framed in my car window
A hawk like torn tan bark
its catch limp-winged
The reflection of the barista

In the corner a chuckly breast-fed baby
Sarah is laughing I am laughing
her eyes searching out a poem
poking it into her phone
She thinks I’m writing about testicles
(honestly – they were kestrels)
Note to self: improve handwriting

She is serious now
hair hooked back
The tangerine saucers walk me again
through 70s suburbs
Orange is a happy colour we agree
but I still hate those orange curtains


  1. I really love that you wrote these in real live conversation with each other. Both poems reflect the strength and endurance of your friendship which is a wonderful thing to capture. And I really enjoyed the testicles / kestrel mix up....

  2. I'm loving the combination of kestrels and testicles. Next word manacles?

    The nineties were grey, I think.

  3. Delicious poem. As I was just saying to Sarah, you have (together!) inspired me to seek out a friend to write in cafés with, a thing I used to do a long time ago with Jennie Fraine and Leah Kaminsky, when we all lived in Melbourne.

  4. Thanks all for comments and welcome Lisa, Penelope and Rosemary. Sarah and I used to meet at Peppers in Canberra every Thursday morning before work. We were joined by Nina Kavunenko and became Three Women and a Cello for some time. They were special times.

  5. Thank you, Lizz and Sarah. Made me laugh, and well, just feel good..

  6. Yes! To you and Sarah, yes to seeking out friends to create with or share creative output with. Yes to rediscovering creating in cafes - I will paint a cafe tabletop this weekend!

  7. Oh lucky cafe tabletop Michaela! As for me I'm quite a regular cafe writer - started on buses, migrated to cafes :)

  8. Thank you Efi - so glad you got a laugh as well. It really was a fun morning.

  9. I have to say Sarah upped the anti big time. I was going to be lazy and post my initial scratch but then I saw Sarah's terrific piece and thought I'd better make an extra effort :)


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