Monday, April 24, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 224 - Slot B

Slot B

the phone calls they crept up
in price    at first  the STD call

 we husbanded as sheep
I am old enough              I heard the pip pip pip

of the three minute tone
some            would simply ring off            mid sentence  I was

 born to local calls that went along for hours             for twenty cents           
 so much so            that Dad told the love-lorn in our ranks

 take it on the heel and toe across the road

to the public phone booth
 to croon  and strategise            

we could look out and see a brother perched up on the shelf for phone books       
glowing in the night            a pile of platypus  by  Slot A

 it was fair      nobody would have ever gotten through to our house
not in twenty years            now            now in this day  we don’t call houses    

 there are no houses       there are just people
uncollected            all free    awaiting algorithmic selection

all  timing            by the second  
     these days

 I have lost my tilt with time 
 drift through  seven hundred things to watch  on youtube           

find nothing   lost in interest
the world begs of me an outraged mind            matchless by reply           

unbuilt               my space     unwrapped     my time            
all the while beguiled

 this  high cost
here  keeping   of touch


  1. I love this
    starts with
    a telephone call

  2. Wonderful. i love how it takes a simple thing and turns it into a commentary on the times - and ourselves.

  3. Some wonderful phrases and lines in here. It has a great feeling of listlessness, helplessness

  4. OH THANK YOU. It was how I hoped it would come out.

  5. Wow - that is fantastic Kerri - absolutely wonderful. Adore it!!!!

  6. I remember fondly the call of the ISD birds


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