Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kit Kelen #463 - what touches the insect heart is heaven

what touches the insect heart is heaven

sometimes tense against
the coming day
dream hard

all knowledge is below the breath
and it's in the teeth of

light squeezed out
like the day choked down
tensed to
so unspoon

as if it were a journey
guts gone

where truth was once
the insect's head is heavier
the counting's hard at hunches

dreaming together
dreaming alone
and which one will be right?

well beyond what we describe
the voice of words
to love
to war
music is best that's furthest

stiff waking pencilled in
only a song can smooth
from truth's curses

the infant throws his/her limbs off
the aged crack still
creak leaning
each jolt like a world lost

as if inward of the flesh
were ticking
till the clock is done
just like the river runs
till it's away

all inwardly you know

there is a point where the heart stops
same lines operatic stuck
stim still
is there some deep yet?

kiss me quick

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