Thursday, April 20, 2017

Penny Fang - Inferior passenger

Inferior passenger

He probably didn’t buy the ticket on that day
He probably didn’t have to fly to do an operation on the day after
He probably wasn’t an Asian person born in the US

He probably didn’t buy an economic class ticket
If he was a privileged passenger
Surely he would not be dragged off  to be ‘re-accommodated’
He probably was a sheepish person and swallowed up all the unfairness
Many people later claimed they had encountered the same problem before
But many chose not to fight back
He was probably a kickboxing player or a Jacky Chan but not a
doctor, then maybe, he could defeat the three security officers 

He probably didn’t choose this shit airline
What happened on that day may hadn't gone viral
His blood shed in the cabin
This might be the most restless journey they all had 
The seat armrest was bloodstained 
Their higher priority staff sat there
On the way to carry out their very important tasks in another place
A drop of shameful blood stuck to the backs of their uniforms 
on the soles of their shoes, as they stood up on arrival 

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