Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kerri Shying R - #225 - Cremains


ought not be labeled like cranberries in the cupboard
I am one of those houseguests   who rises early    likes to do a little yoga

without wakening the host                        I was seeking something nice
something vegan     to smear across the  dryness of the gluten free

toast               cremains            so French              with marmalade - took me for a ride
later when I asked you if it was the plant-based version of an ash brie

there was that sound                        the earth turning            followed by air            tearing
I’m so sorry I ate your prized Pomeranian            she was a sweety             and I hope

this won’t change             our plans for Bali
in the Spring


  1. Sounds like the poet has committed what I call a "house crime"! Hope the trip for Bali is still on lol :)

  2. My cousin committed a 'house crime' once involving a midnight raid on the cheese....


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