Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kristen de Kline #87 some days

some days     you want to go back in life     to feel
a few things     twice

acrylic colours bleed down on a Chinese waterfall
you're peaking on e beneath the neon Coke sign at the Cross
someone else's sheets TV queen bed someone else's room
the workings of the heart leave
no traces     everything tastes like a

 you watch me come

at the British Hotel someone rips off an Androidss poster
splattered with blood as if it's blown through a straw
we toss back Depth Charges in the upstairs bar     after day
breaks     we dive in the dumpsters
collect out of date pizzas and garlic bread in aluminum foil
look at the men in blue suits with SLR cameras and batons
run      away

we dance and fight     walk through a blizzard of ice
throw cans of baked beans into sinks full of hot water  
read the horoscopes from the Saturday paper     we sing and drink
three days later     don't know what day week year it is  
roll joints on the Gideon's Bible with Tally Ho's
sit in the darkest room darkest phase     because the bill wasn't
paid     light candles
thin and green    

you watch me come

a thousand kisses catch the wind
wasted words watch over me not scared of dying but the dead have turned their back they've stopped talking I've stopped listening

kiss me quick
watch me come     undone


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks James :) I had to abandon the Lawless Road characters for a breather!

  2. knew that Bible would come in handy one day ...
    the rice paper editions they printed during the war are even more helpful

    1. They're always worth taking those bibles - though I gather a lot of people think they should stay in the hotel room. The rice paper editions sound perfect for the job!


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