Thursday, April 27, 2017

Stuart Rawlinson #14 - The Lichen Hunt

When I was at school
We were told
Lichen is an indicator
Of pollution 
So the geography teacher
Despatched us 
(with parental signatures)
To spot, count, measure
All the lichens around town
Lichen on stone walls
Lichen on bus stops
Lichen on drain pipes
Each one unique
A universe exploded
In slow motion 
Across the side 
Of the corner shop
Each one green, purple
Furry, hijacking moss
Mustard cracked 
Sulphur thick crust
Pores stretching south
Following the Earth's rotation
As fast as they could 


  1. teachers
    should have
    left the kids alone

  2. to learn
    about astronomy
    and math
    and the near function
    of lichens


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