Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kristen de Kline #89 I can't nail this one

I can't nail this one     stars like little fish flail around
on the tarmac     lines words     thrash around in a hessian
bag that's lost it's      way     something falls
down      an orange? an avocado?

pipe scaffolding creeps across the art gallery on Commercial Road
as if it's going to  entomb the vehicle     encase me     and just for the record
the passport isn't clean anymore     that

the Barrister friend says:  it's a game of Monopoly
you throw a stack of get out of jail free cards     up in the
air     life is filled with     holes  
for what it's worth     I don't much like     surprises

there's a ball and some wind     wire and guns     red, red wine      holes in the story     everyone is trying to get to the bar    

the Barrister friend says: it's like there's some big  
holes     in your life  
the statue starts cracking, crackling
underneath the scaffolding      the chill of midnight sneaks in from behind and throws
you out of a dream     something about Patti Smith and
horses     something about the night     something about you and me and
you      and  

the Barrister stops talking    the dead     they still don't want me      maybe they're loudly,
chattering     I'm no longer listening     can't nail this one     these words, stars like little fish     flailing hurting not hurting      the car stalls on Commercial Road in front of the scaffolding     an SMS bings: Are you back with the homeless?

I can't nail it      just post the bloody thing
throw it in the dark     with a thousand other poems
there's some big holes in your life    
get over it


  1. Thanks Kerri, Rob & James for your kind words of encouragement :) I didn't need a nail gun after all!


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