Monday, April 24, 2017

Kristen de Kline #90 at the edge of Lawless

chattering away in darkness dead men leave their hollow bones
by the milk bar     hoist up the closed sign      hack away
hold me tightly     into flesh and bone     shredded

thinly     dead men sells cigars to the boss from the factory
stockpile milk bottles pineapple chunks spearmint thick shakes bottles of L&P
an old edition of Truth 

the empty waiting room     sighs
is that your heart     giving up

on you     hold me tightly      breathe colour  
backwards     splash ink into the


spoons bend     cars rust     that's just the way it is
hanging by the neck at the edge of Lawless     seeping

through the stalled traffic in the wrecker's yard     disassembled
cars hoisted up on wooden beer crates like carcasses, gasping

for air     the trees are finished    the leaves done  
slashed tyres     roll down the hill     extinguished, almost

everything is packed     he says     the world is spun

you hear a woman laughing     in present time now    the world is waiting
for a     head tearing     claws falling     from

amethyst skies     heads, claws collect in a  blue and white porcelain bowl, neatly
white cats     wait      beneath the car under-carriage

out at Lawless a man with hollow bones     smelling of white sugar
breath    tries to kiss you     The Jam refrains slice through the
fly-wire     rope

burns     cuts like paper    the lines don't add up
was he scared of dying    he says it's so

life       like a  

caterpillar     walking hands
collecting firewood     possums with insomnia
children drink her
blood     is that your heart


  1. when push
    comes to shove
    what can we do
    the lines don't add up
    but the ones here do
    lawless is a dire place
    not so far away
    bloody hope

    1. Interesting tension that the lines don't add up but the ones here do - that's the main thing:)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes James there might be a whole lawless volume with other 366 contributors submitting equally lawless lines!

  3. These possums keep on waking us up...

  4. Ah Stuart, those bloody possums - muat be on caffeine I think :)


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