Monday, April 24, 2017

Rob Schackne #311 - "I preview" (for KdK)

I preview
the possums awake
a thousand poems high
sitting there in trees
looking at me and you
writing this across

the shaky valleys
attacking the factories
armed to the teeth
then the white cat 
a million miles away
waiting under the car
art against the empire
passes on the 13th hour
joins us in felicity
for once was a rout
well it looked like one
fighting another day
for the treasure
you understand
my dear


  1. Thank you Rob - what a delightful "I preview" it was indeed - and yes I really should quit with the perfectionism and hit the Post button not keep it in preview! Those insomniac possums - I knew they'd reappear - amongst other images and lines :)


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