Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kit Kelen #465 - nothing


all words for nothing
are nonsense

and nonsense
is full of the stuff

what comes from it's
more of the same

heave heart into
a silent O

speak again
what will come of it?

the great not-being
what grand nothing that

but hasn't happened yet
bang on! and after

won't it be before?
think of a number

one had to be invented
there's a tail chase for sure

there are philosophies of it
and every other science too

take anti-matter
but in small doses

you'll think amorphous
has sharp edges though

you could fall off
as on a cloud throne

from the welling
where the moon's floored

what holds an aeroplane
up anyhow?

someone says step outside
they're always making something of it

down and down and down we go
you could be under a mountain of nothing

consider the Great Sage Equal of Heaven
whose first name was Vacuity

but that was only
calling names

try thinking of it
grey matter is porous

once I made some pictures of
you'll see it looking back at you

uncanny that
the animal aspect

the past is backward and abyss
you drop a coin (worth nothing now)

and it falls right through the world
nobody looks

this was ventured
what was gained?

the lights are on upstairs
so that the burglars will not come

of littlest this must be the least
when you're not there

I'm nothing
yet I know I am

there's everywhere I'm not now
that picture soon will be complete

all words for nothing
are nonsense, must be

I don't know
what I've said


  1. Ha. Nothing is completely random. We spend our lives on the brink of making sense. Is language (is it poetry) any different?

  2. Nothingness, random things, the uncanny - as Rob says, we spend our lives - on these sites (?) - trying to make sense of it all. I don't know what I've said, either ...:)

  3. I love that great sage! tatatatatatata


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