Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stuart Rawlinson #12 - Mr Milquetoast

Spineless, wishy-washy
Feeble and thin, he disappears

Between slim bleached
Lines and neutered passions

His pale words muffled and
Silenced, but never with accurate

Aim. Careful to miss the
Target in case the target

Takes offence. Pussyfooting
Namby-pamby little

Pageboy. He stood – not
For nothing, but for other people’s

Ideals, while his own designs
Re-aligned beneath his opaque

Skin. Trembling lips
Quirks and ticks – watch

His feet tap as he, speechless
Communicates unseen what

He doesn’t even believe

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  1. Guy who wanders
    by accident into jazz club
    gets what's waiting


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