Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Silences # 99 Claine Keily

In the air conditioned car
she removed her sunglasses
this was the last of it
now her new nails would be
used to open straw bags
like none she had ever seen
in an American television program

In secret
she picked the figs
in her neighbour's garden
all because she
could no longer bear
her work
showing people
the same thing each day
until her heart became a
sack of overly ripe grain
lost forever to the dark
and only a doctor
could be used
to interpret
her silences


  1. Fabulous lines Claine - love the heart as a sack of overly ripe grain and the doctor as the only one 'qualified' to interpret her silences - reminiscent (for me!) of lines from that Leonard Cohen song "One of us cannot be wrong".

    1. Thanks Kristen I will have to read the poem! I love Cohen!s work. He is one of my iearly influences xx

    2. Oh yes Kristen I looked up the Cohen poem and yes I have listened to that song thousands of times! I did not know the title though!


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