Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Kit Kelen #461 - onani


pleasures of anywhere spirit me now
I lie around the music comes

green banks of the river run from time
the factories, the mines are gone

we are the people once were
you could piss in the ocean then

sky was of God and of gods
and just as far to the beginning

how fast we've fucked it up!
spirit of the age is knowing

how green trees rise in our despite
there isn't a rule to this but guessing

I love the rub
and dance for me

a ring around the words we've run
head on the pillow still full

of what I haven't done
of all there is to do

one dreams things better and worse
love in the head is like that

glass darkly again see through
to simple pleasures

play with myself and play with you
I could be anywhere this bliss takes

stay with the words, stay in the song
take things in your own hands


  1. Love the turning and twisting and rubbing and dancing of the words, the songs, the spirits - it speaks to me too!


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