Monday, April 10, 2017

Rob Schackne #295 - "So finely tuned"

So finely tuned
build a seawall
sleep comes hard

I hear it happening
there is violence
in the compound
our perfections
will never rest

although music
sometimes does

the crystal brigs
serpentine river
of smoke and booze
listen to the rain
joy war bodies
peace mayhem ache
they wait their turn

where go our dreams
morning is ocean
how far does it go
then off to work


  1. I love the section ' our perfections will never rest'

    1. Ha. Thank you, dear Claine. I've used that line before (or the idea of it) so I guess I mean it. :)

  2. So finely tuned - what more can one say ... how far does it go/then off to work :)


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