Monday, November 28, 2016

Kit Kelen #333 - laughter


enlists the warring world
it gives the belly dimension
it has the force of habit

all air
laughter is expulsion
and it requires that you draw in
the trick goes off in your face

it's a powder
it's well sprung
it will make you itch

laughter is always at someone's expense
money changers from the temple
camels, needles
every ghost is given up

laughter's being in your skin
and it's like anything
like billy-oh
like fun

go at it
laughter's everywhere

and as a rule
(categorical imperative
carnival had at self)

laughter lists
like a ship set to sink
you go down with the funnel
that's funny
or you swim a ways off
good spot to watch
the fun go down

laughter's the party
distilled to its moment
past where the breath was held

I'm being fired out of a canon
I'm slipping on a banana skin
I'm falling down in the street

look down
and laughter's in your pants
and on fire
you're the cucumber
with the duck's back
in the cat's pyjamas
you have to go along with it

anyway ants will carry you off

and see them cringing there
smaller than sight?
so much so
their sides will ache
their hearts will go pitter pat

these are the vanishing victims
of laughter

o just to be one of them!

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