Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Richard Tipping - Everlasting Stone #17 - Within Without

Within You and Without You, 2007
Granite sheet on granite base, engraved text, goldleaf. H 55 x W 18 x 2 cm
on base 2 x 30 x 21 cm.
Shown at the solo exhibition Studio at Australian Galleries, Sydney, in 2012.
I'm glad Within Without didn't sell, as it's a pleasure to have in the studio. In fact, I've decided not to sell any of my remaining Everlasting Stones, of which there must be at least fifty in various corners and on shelves. You can reach a point where the speaking-to-you 'thingness' of a sculpture becomes a necessary presence, a marker in the flux, a constant re-iteration of complexities. Those who like their poems to be stories will find all this somewhere between puzzling and appalling. Why would anyone spend so much time inside words, feeling their depths and crags, mountain climbing syllables, diving into pools of vowels? Using symmetrical letters, splitting the word vertically, creating filled emptiness.
If you remove the 'H' and re-arrange words, there is easily 'out wit' there - but that's a distraction. 

As George Harrison's song says: "Life goes on within you and without you"
See various recordings and covers on YouTube for example.
There's also a great Patti Smith version of Within Without You:


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