Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rob Schackne #176 - In Orbit, Across The Void

In Orbit, Across The Void

Perfect pitch
admirable vertigo
in orbit, across the Void

Don’t play what’s what isn’t there

(I’m being navigated out of this world)

Who seeks wisdom
along special paths of pain
to avoid the order of blunt notes?

(Puzzle me the right answer to that one)

Fire out of the fire, smoke
out of the smoke, a woman
who confesses her own delight

Birds quiet after the fireworks
stars just seen behind the moon

everything will pause for a moment

A deep conversation
floats across a dark field
I can hear the joy is thunderous.


  1. Wow! I enjoyed the journey of this poem - the thoughtful stance. Very taken with the last line. That's a whole new poem there.

    1. Dear Lucy, Thank you for listening. Yes, the last line...I might take a closer look at some point.

  2. A velvety depth in this poem Rob - beautiful

    1. Thank you very much, dear Katherine. But it's a bit of a labyrinth, isn't it? :)


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