Sunday, November 27, 2016

Magdalena Ball #13: Lines for Feynman

Lines for Feynman

Take the atomic scale for instance

this isn’t coming from me

where things
behave like nothing
you have any direct
experience about

not like waves, particles, clouds
billiard balls
or weights on springs

can we pause for a moment at
weights on springs

to explore the behaviour
not of matter and light
but of a scientist
playing at the quantum scale
the way a child might play with sand
a pail, shovel
building castles and forts

laughing uproariously
as if the universe were the
funniest comedian
a conundrum
the best of jokes

can we find, not only solace
that our stupid rhetoric
and shallow jockeying for power
is not the only language on offer

but also in how much there is to know
and how little of it is mapped

steeped in my own
particular ignorance
I find hope

just add together

this is the only mystery
we cannot solve can use

in this perilous
but still correct

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