Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Magdalena Ball #16: Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

            “It was just a laugh, just a laugh
             It's whatever you say it is
             In split infinities” Radiohead, “Decks Dark”

The road was empty that evening
the last one
split infinities

all I could see were those eyes
like a white tiger's
penetrating blue
all your wildness held in check

when they arrived at the zoo
it was armageddon

shouts from the shore
the band played loudly
we thought, for a New York minute
that it was a celebration
all going to be okay

but it was just a diversion
two paths diverging
each leading nowhere
winding as DNA, a double helix
twist back to the start

there’s a whisper in the forest
that outdoes the endless trumpets
nightjars, singing in the softest
most mournful whistle
invisible as their bodies
hidden in foliage
it’s still there if you focus

a corruption of politicians
in diminishing returns

the indelible burn of footsteps
on soft plants
riparian zones, fragile soil

I say this not to hurt
only to remind you of what
you mustn’t forget

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