Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lachlan Brown #18 They built a Target in Glenquarie Shopping Centre

They built a Target in Glenquarie Shopping Centre

I’m worried about what introspection yields,
e.g. a hot summer wind blows all those
missed opportunities back into MacFields,
like failures you must relive. Everyone knows

the guy who gets smashed by in-ap purchases
and blames their kids. Just own up to it,
renegotiate the contract. The world’s surfaces
ripple when we leave boxes unchecked. I’m intuit-

ing your commitment to the values of this organ-
isation. Yes, the order for 10 roll cages demon-
strates that we take precautions. We’re more than
risk averse. We’re verse-averse, reverse-averse: dreaming

about the bits of us that we’ve left logged into sites.
or calm words that arrive and set the world to rights.

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