Saturday, November 26, 2016

Robert Verdon, #369, known unknown

here it comes,

up the

slope between the

hakea and eucalypt, I imagine the

red eyes, though it’s

no devil

exotic escaped petal floats across, black butterfly

big as the city in the corner

the lizard darts off

they’re yellow or blue

you can know a mountain like

a town

recognising rocks and crevices

and termite mounds

here it comes

the familiar bend

the steepening side

the red eyes of unidentified flowers

the fear of losing your footing

tumbling into the gully where the power cables live

here it comes

but once again,

it scuttles away


  1. thanks Rob, maybe the ending isn't the best?

  2. Love the tumble of colour and detail - and the identififed and unidentified.

  3. This is wonderful. Evokes my walks, too. But yes, the very last line scuttles away, Robbie:) Maybe just end with "here it comes/ but once again," in order to keep the tension alive? Dunno.


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