Monday, November 28, 2016

Magdalena Ball #14: Separation Trance

Separation Trance

One morning I woke
without the usual mask

space face gawky squawking
as if it hadn’t been easier
every day, at every moment
to get to the chalkboard

how simple it was
to find the right answer
to slide into passivity to slip

pretending I didn’t know
not knowing

moksha burned my eyes open
reshaped my body
a construct that needed to be

the terms by which I
understood myself, the way you
came to me, so late in life
to remind me

nothing lasts, not even
self-imposed philosophies
opening into this space

there is no other time
to make a wish

waking from the separation trance
I find your arms outstretched

hold the flower to my lips


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