Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #337 Evita

a woman of contradiction
so hard to pigeon-hole her
right-wing husband    her own
social consciousness gave
some alleviation for the poor
the vote for women
one woman can't do it all

you sing dance make rousing
speeches full of emotion
get the shirtless ones on side
along with mothers and children
radio and film stardom
a random earthquake

give you political capital
in the museum funeral films
remind me of Diana
at Recoleta Cemetery
angels are calling angels
struggling out of stone caught

the moment before flight
avenue after avenue walk
the central aisle turn left
and right again is this political?
one more turn to the left black
marble in bright sunlight reflects

tourists' cameras flowers
woven through the metal door
at the tomb of Evita Peron
people still gather school
children with their notebooks
teachers with their lessons



  1. 'My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten.' Seems like she needn't have worried!

  2. Love the lines

    '… angels are calling angels
    struggling out of stone caught …'


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