Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Magdalena Ball #15: Finding Time

Finding time

If it all seems too fast
it’s actually slo-mo

I have no time but time
is all I have

the past is what you carry
a pocketpal, a reference

I pull it out and check it
from time to time

it’s not helpful but addictive
this romance with what was

it leaves traces but you can’t
feel them not like silk through the fingers

when I show you what I’ve got
the shudder of touch, a barely perceptible

roar in the air: wind, bird, the creaking trees
my mother used to say I was born old

youthfulness crept up on me
when I wasn’t paying attention

the claws of the clock
say don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop

ticking one second per second
time lapse curls back on itself

looks like continuous change
tastes like stillness


  1. The poem is great, and I love the image. Is it a photo? Looks like a Chinese painting.

    1. Thanks very much, Susan. The image is actually a little section of a painting I bought at the local op shop! I have no idea who the artist is (it’s framed and I can’t see any signature), but walking around with my camera looking for an image to suit what I had in mind conceptually - that bit of the painting seemed to work.


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