Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kristen de Kline - #35 - Degenerate Singers 2

rolling cutting scrawling singing rolling
on the back-deck with the Degenerate Singers
making Tequila Sunrises without a recipe
worms sleeping on the floor of the Tequila bottle
squeezing two random oranges from the fruit bowl
label on bottle says equivalent of 22 standard drinks
hey, you say, divide by four equals three standard drinks in a smallish glass
non-drinker who serves it says it's a shot size
hey, you say, looks more like a modest wineglass
rolling cutting scrawling singing rolling
in the heat of morning the dead of night
the wrong label plasters itself, embraces the 200ml glass bottle
instead of the larger bottle
there's a crack in everything
a bottle with floating worms
no butterflies flying off
screwed calculations: you were always crap at maths

running on an inter-state jaunt
to girlfriends, degenerate singers - live -
running from funerals - men dead
before time, gone
running from crazy cops detectives law enforcement agents
they all want a
        slice of the pie
        a testimony
        another bloody statement

you can't run no more
all you want to do is roll cut snort sing Leonard
there's a crack in everything
the light's getting in
you tear everyone who reaches out for you
you're half crazy
you show your heart to the doctor
torture the dress
drown yourself in a pool
you walk in a blizzard of ice
your lips and your fingers are blue

do you taste the dust of
a long sleepless night
what gives when you can't run no more
when there's a crack in everything
when the light doesn't get in
     what gives
              when the night is long sleepless
                        when you taste dust
                         when you can't run no more


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