Monday, November 28, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #335 La Boca with Queenie

coloured footpaths welcome our feet
to these old streets vividly painted

they say it's a camanita of lost loves
the corrugated iron walls
in bright colours will cheer you
along with the tango dancers
calling up memories as you eat

after lunch I stroll into an arte studio
and who do I meet but Queenie
who has taken off time from the exhibition
to hang cool with the residents of La Boca

they want me to teach yoga she says
the latest fashion to watch us animals
after whom most of the moves are named
my specialty is gomukha asana

sit comfortably bend your left leg under
your buttocks your right leg over your
left knee clasp the fingers of both hands
behind your back and sit in good posture
if you do it well you'll look just like me

my feet take me back down the streets
of lost loves bright minds and new yoga

* Queenie is very pushy and takes over whatever I am writing about. Indeed, she hijacks the content altogether. I had no intention of writing about yoga. Losing control of my material!


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