Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 440 we accompany ourselves by slapping at flesh

I’m pinching broken slates  from  the desecrated roof
of the old place down the road   I know your dog  the neighbour
says  her grand daughter found him   on one of his many
jaunts   visits her Chihuahua   there’s no standing under shade
right now   round here  all talking done in sunlight

we accompany ourselves by slapping at flesh

the clock  is on every conversation   she says
it isn’t theft    she watched them  throwing the
century of labour  off the roof   smashed
like the plates at a Greek wedding   but without
the joy   she helps me load them up she slaps my arm goodbye


  1. Hello Kerri - this one is so fine and full and light/lite ... what a journey in so few lines! - "no standing under shade" gem!

    1. Thank you Jeffree, it was the freedom of one day one street.


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