Sunday, April 1, 2018

Rob Schackne #628 - A 2-Year Autobio

A 2-Year Autobio

well i know damn well roughly where i was and what i was doing between the ages of 12 and 30 sure there are lots of things i barely remember wait there are some things i did for 2 years i remember i went to a florida high school for 2 years when i was pretty young i lived 2 years in brazil and barbados in high school outside lausanne i played senior ice hockey left wing for 2 years a fast little terror my team mates protecting me i was a jackaroo in outback australia in new south wales and queensland for 2 years and i worked in some mines for 2 years i studied undergrad japanese and postgrad buddhism and history well call it my original mix of asian studies at kent hall columbia uni for 2 years i had a few jobs for 2 years and lots more for far less better to forget those i lived with a few women for 2 years and lots more for far less better forget those too i lived in a few apartments for 2 years i had a number of friends for 2 years where did we all go i enjoyed law school for 2 years i was very keen for 2 years on philosophy and juggling and depth psychology and i wrote a poem almost every day for 2 years some of which i remember but better not to divide them you know i did most things as long as i could shantih


  1. I could read an auto-bio poem like this ... almost every day for 2 years ... :))

  2. Have we hit 2 years on the blog yet. Wonderful cycle Rob, or circle.....

    1. Cheers, James, but a bit of licence for that. Future perfect. July 1st...


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