Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Kit Kelen #831 - an ark of the garden

an ark of the garden

all seasons in

it's like the seed
with the forest to fall

I'm the one to spruik

let me first flower for you
and of this flesh be fruit

winter's for fire
so summer swims

here we are green
some days afloat

rigid like the map
a dove for love to lead

ark of sunshine
in the rain

in daylight

water falling
through the drought

then a sky comes into the picture
always out of nowhere

I dig a trench
get gravel

it is an ark
of fallen light

so holy
the whole lot

more gods
than poke a stick at

the place is crawling
much unknown in every corner

we gather convenanted
among the idols

me and other-than-I-am
no shame to light

our hearth by heart
no seat of judgement

no tables of a law
but all this rot

has warmed us winters
as for prayer

completely buggered
better off with a hymn

then vibrate yourself
find the neighbours joining in

they're real
as is the garden dark of

sinister this digging
husbandry by blade

still creaturely the lot of us
some full furred, some summer shorn

branches often wing it
leaves give you odd tips

trees stood here
these - our familiars

it's all from looking up to heaven
we're such a stiff-necked crew

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