Saturday, April 21, 2018

Kit Kelen #841 - we want more

we want more

loaves and fishes
life eternal
more truth to set us free

we want more hours in the day
more moments
like this one to share

more quality time

more chocolate
more beer

sturdier scales
a longer tape

more kisses to send us to sleep

more to be stroked
more brimstone to forest
more heaven above

we want more of a good thing
more of too much

we want more dots to join
more of a jolly good guess

a more blissed mist
more blessings

more gold

this one sun was never enough

we want more forgiveness
more redemption
always more to confess

more stretch
more lift
more in the larder

more witches to burn
more to the sword put

we want a longer sentence

more of a raft to cling

life can't be eternal enough
we want there to be more of us
we grow into the job

more light
more time

it's as if we know the dark is still far

but one more push
and I'm in

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