Friday, April 13, 2018

Kit Kelen #833 - nothing to be done (mother study)

nothing to be done
a mother study

in one room
how things were left
another still to do

you expect to see dragons
no such thing
in the mirror but
that was the year I was born

I come out as far as the day is up
a little bird flew through
to the letterbox

in one room
you won't know what door it has
I think I could remember there

yellow just like the winter with us
echo just like I said

that's as far as I go

it's always hungry
I am
someone has eaten all

let day in with the birds
I bless

must have slept through the storm
all parts aching with a sneeze

the keys are gone where I left them

the sky is a colour too

the rabbits are gone again today
so dry

we are all sinking
and I have to be the one
who is here

that was a good day
far past now
it's staring sits today

one more to wonder at
me - that's

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