Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kit Kelen #823 - then again, the market

again, the market

never leave the table till you're full up to the muzzle
- from the puddin' owners anthem

come truffles after the bear

the market is singing
we all hum along

a kind of meatworks shame
scoff karma
take a pill for breakfast

and curls into a little ball
cause who knows why?
the weather?

seasick with prediction
and nothing to catch to shore
each to another animal
sodden in the fur

will you doubt that money was here
and later money left?

for fireworks
which are indigestion

here it comes
puffing the stairs
and at the gate
who's this?
in among the china too

that's the view of the market
and never see the walls are falling
the inescapable factory fire
and flood
breed brimstone

there is no smoke but fire
then sudden in the far

more maw
and who's a greedy boy?
eat up!
sees nothing in the mirror

you won't get it open
but stand by window
breeze for the testing
like a diamond here for heaven
ask are we ready to fall

bob, weave
through traffic - get there
ahead of the who-was-it

hysterics work the womb with us
and drink this yes it's poison
no risk that you'll retire

make more zigurats
dig for your life
and it's down there then and now

here comes the news
all the market trembles
soul-lessly in fear
which is rumour

the ship is sinking
let's float gold
you can buy an asteroid of the stuff

no one has ever climbed this mountain
it cannot be known how far it goes up

let's wish a winter dark for all
drown the lot in some rising sea

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