Friday, April 27, 2018

Kit Kelen #847 - the bush is faster than the garden

the bush is faster than the garden

for Sarah St Vincent Welch

see how it takes us
and then a leaf along
in the glisten

with eyes up
ears in
whiff at
all to know you are

in rainlight

call shots
and set the dog on pig

here - levitate this flower

measure the gully in lantana

prepare the harvest
let's all go to seed

show the scent around

our book is all the crossing out
and garden for a soul

grows up around
just where we've been let

as if known by heart
and taken to

a beckoning for sunshine
a bucketing in rain
it's all of a delving to be
nothing literal

has its own treetops
makes soil from the falling
the fallen get a leg-up

how where the weather went
and it takes us along

vaster than your pardon

we hear the music of the spheres
ache to go around

time more than stars
and further
though nothing will unend

it's like you could bend the whole piano
trick yourself!

the garden imagines a treaty was
the house cannot be far
goes over hills and all away

once there was nothing named here
and took us for a dare

the tune of it is trackless
brings accidents to

bush everywhere
garden in mind

swivel to till
bend ages with

like breakfast in the branches
where three fountains flow

and equally beyond the map
with sky as guide

you're in the tree
in the stars

come to the carpet slowly

the bush is faster than the garden

can't we just be lost here?

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