Saturday, April 7, 2018

Kit Kelen #827 - il penseroso / l'allegro (scale model)

il penseroso / l'allegro 
(scale model)

il penseroso

a certain trudge to it
nobody there again today

but here we toil
as for a flag

who threw these stairs so high?
and climb anticipating
lively balls of flame for far

through clouds come in us
keening drew
then some almighty sigh

with every step its special ache
and own true fell foreboding

finely crafted all around
that melancholy height from which unwinged
itch till the skin is gone

this is where you run out of steam
no breeze to test at all here

seems like some kind of scaffold we're on

the offer of a blindfold
a kindness comes at last


first thing
must work on the wonder

call the circle to fire

each of us equally lit

in smoke standing
day gets up

poke through it

it's come to the picnic - be
kiss me quick
now never

every flower an opening

I love the orchard light
the pond-skim who-should-come now

how hard is it to be alive?
we're natural for it

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