Friday, April 6, 2018

Kit Kelen #826 - nobody... peekaboo?

nobody... peekaboo?

I am continually being reminded of my own insignificance

this is how it goes

how much bigger the sky
how deep the roots

and money!
and knowledge!
I am all their slave

when I hold a hose in my hand
you can't call that rain

I live in the thing
I am fallen to light
I ripen
then I'm off

my puny breath would drive no wheel
I sweat for the sun

and so it is with all my kind

there are too many of us
we are not required
I'm too much just by myself

I'm the phenomenon you can ignore
I will have passed like weather

the one who made no difference is me
(not even that makes me special)

I dreamt my teeth weren't cleaned
couldn't drive from the back seat
boot would not connect with the ball
I fell from great height
everyone does

I stand here at the vanishing point

can you read me?
nobody does
love is the truth I attend
this is a matter of infinite care

a last man in my way

why do I listen for the news?
I never get a mention

now satisfied with what where why
a road comes rattling out
like a tune

back in the box
and make mine pine
though I'd rather just lay down
let the snow
it's already left me blind


  1. you've hit the nail on my head! I can relate to this....

  2. you've attended the only truth though mate

  3. oh yes insignificantus ... make mine pine.


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