Monday, April 16, 2018

Kit Kelen #836 - because or to sneeze at (to get her to the doctor's)


... to sneeze at

to get her to the doctor's

because we, everyone of us, must go
we are fit as a fiddle too
and where is that bruise from?
the itch
because there might be a reason
exactly! because you can't remember
we have to check to see
because the doctor will know
you don't want to get the flu
the doctor called and asked
because there is an appointment now
these things have to be tested
it's not very far and we're taking you
you don't want to disappoint people
because it is a fact of life at your age
yes that's it
and no, you really are
we don't know either
it's been a long time since you went
it's just a necessary thing
all the others do
we all must
going now
you're coming too

because we love you mum

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