Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kit Kelen #846 - ANZAC Day


in a trench of rain
saluting death
an out-of-empire experience

the day is local to us
otherwise, how here?

shall we nostalge a war then?
wrap me in this flag of theirs
where we believe we are

'emotional and moving scenes'
was this not upon us?

but no!
it comes again!

service for sacrifice
for just-like-Jesus
you won't know who did

blood in the trench
are ghosts to drink
it was for king and God

the zombie limbless of us lost
ghosts on the march
for one more day

in a week of rain
with bugle
send me a biscuit, that's all

breast pocket bible
tobacco tin
life saved

who's a statue now?

a baptism!

it was like this when a first sky fell
we gathered the stars to be

there's profit in this reverence
how politics is left

across the wide frontier
who lost?
who has a hundred years?

send some George or a kangaroo
to show we know you care

wounds are well beyond the grave
takes a minute the silence

then let's pretend Australia
that it's a common wealth

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