Thursday, April 12, 2018

Kit Kelen #832 - to be a seer

to be a seer
foretelling as far as here

sometimes before a cold comes
find you bite the inside of your mouth

this is the presage simple
myself, I often sneeze for sunshine

like an ache in the rain not yet
ants know

scan skin
for the moving thing

I can predict the order of meals
even of courses in one

sleepless sometimes
dreams will foretell morning

and often when a fly comes in
I should have closed a door

ah but you'll say the past is a doddle
in fact no one remembers at all

else why war for starters?
tell me a season, I'll tell you what's next

if the circuit's short
are we faster there?

I think you can see
where all this is going

come back to the tonic of the key
prime again with white

it's like this when you jump for joy
who could have told it would be?

sometimes I know what you're going to say
it's when you finish my sentence


  1. my money is on to be a seer. Smacks it out the park.

  2. it ain't necessarily so, but then where's the line?

  3. and I saw the file stuffed up ... damned computer ... keeps pasting unasked and anywhere at all ... but I've fixed it now


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