Monday, April 2, 2018

Kit Kelen #822 - the ants believe in rain

the ants believe in rain

every day my haircut further

smoke through the last sun

we who have passed beyond
and in our wizard hats of balance
judging judged from a sawnoff limb
with flag
flown to sink
as ever
yours sincerely

a certain tree, cattle rubbed
meadow smooth, lovely
crowned green notwithstanding

match to it
always the season come
and to do
and to be

stirred among walks to glory fervour
as through the clouds a biblical beam

tells how to do five acres

it's set up an edge
run to that, blissed with
candidates to view

watch the walkers beak reeds up
for something swamp and tasty too
sit for the all mown pond gold

music you could make yourself
strings all hung in wait for strum

there is a kind of calm to strike
between the day all round
afternoon crept in

even the fireweed is a season
lantana for eternity

on Tank Corner
car sits
patience in a picture

Ganesh conducts the traffic here
as with an always little blessing
it's every moment for itself
this means of which to

complete the kingdom of nothing to change
then live forever here

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