Sunday, April 8, 2018

Kit Kelen #828 - dig your own grave (a toast)

dig your own grave
a toast

nobody wants to
take out your garbage
wipe your arse

some will say that Jesus does
will wash you clean
but he looks like a statue to me
and dusty

some may long to tug and rub
their agenda's rude
it doesn't mean they swallow

nobody wants to
take your medicine
pay your debts
atone for all your crimes

some say there's a net
but will it catch you when you fall
if you're the garbage wrapped?

Jesus said the dead
can look after each other
we should look out ourselves
nobody wants to talk about Jesus

you have to make up your own mind
about that
and every little thing

nobody wants to dig your grave
but they'll do it for a price

and this my friends is why
we're doomed to all sink in our own muck

here's luck
you'll say

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