Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kit Kelen #848 - draft of a dance of it

draft of a dance in it

is someone nesting
where the tree is lit?

the garden light
the moon song
and often in a trick of which

a toe tap to begin
as if an itch set off
the all around and up

facing on tip toes
till the storm

such as this mist
or round the face
a twitch

in the blood and carried
because we live this love
it's all got up, was primed

each one is a journey
and sometimes it's
as if to pounce

drift from this into other arms
this rapture yours in only
like letters on a page
make war and treaty too

wraiths do it, all souls do
please whisper as you pass
shake a leg at sea

it's in a song as well
sprung from stretch
a roof holds on

and like nobody's business
all attentive, all attuned
come so very still

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