Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kit Kelen #294 - flit


believe me
we won't die
there's too much blood in us
too much at stake
we're down through the fields
we're up in the trees
we're away with you
wind in the limbs
we're up for it
we won't die
won't ever
we're with you
we're wide awake dreaming
swig at the thing
we won't die

if things were simply to end
well it wouldn't make any sense

we're climbing the vine
we're hanging on
swing through the trees
take on the tiger

we take the bends
it's magic
we lean

there are some moments
but we come through

it's elan vital
there is spark
light in eyes
how can a dream die?
no – it's forever
I'm sure of that

the world doesn't run down
the sun doesn't dim

these arms are forever to hold you

this is the last word my love

this universe is only ever expanding

inscribe such words as these on my stone
don't let the skies grow over 



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