Monday, April 3, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 207 Haven


I have sucked myself right in            all the way to heavenly
bombastic  right to where everything that once was still is

I got every little thing             threw it in the air what smashed
fell broken             shards swept into mosaic swirls            the clean

light off what stayed whole is just enough to read by
mucles ache from letting go             just as much as holding back

the din of horror takes a little while to soap
away   tinnitus it stinks the mind with hellcats fiends the fears

not broken simply bending              I have sucked myself right in


  1. Shying, Kelen, Walton, Schackne, Keily & Davis

    Attorneys at your service...


    1. Ha. We're the only poets here.

    2. We ought to set up a table at writers verse sir? free verse for yer lady?

    3. I gazed deep into both their eyes
      I saw blindness and vapidity
      I needed to write a poem

    4. what's your favourite colour
      how do you tie your shoes
      how often do you make love

    5. I need the information
      you come for information
      bloody information

    6. I used to write the strippergrams in Perth you know Robbie! I only write if the punters are nude.

  2. I love all of this Kerri but most of all the line ' the din of horror takes a little while to soap'

  3. I love the tension between the sucking myself right in repetition and the throwing the every little thing into the air with the breaking and the 'shards swept into mosaic swirls' - fabulous line!

  4. v powerful

    I think heavenly bombastic would be a great band name

    or a new fashion label

    or a title for a novel

    or an ironic retro radio/sportscar/ political party

  5. Ah, now that's getting to the core of things


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