Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kit Kelen #455 - freedom


where one is trapped
all are

in mist
or under mountain
mostly behind wire, bars
or with this soul's extent

the skin for instance
stretches over
all the bounds

soft touch
behind closed eyes
and often in the open

where one is trapped
all are

rivers runs
and breeze is by

is often wheeled out

floats tether's end
how river tends
or hides in hangar

needs a whole tribe to haul
and almost always casts some shade

principle is touted
it's constitutional

a word for nothing
don't know how you dreamt to here

confined to an ache
in its deeps swim
finding freedom

nutshell bound
or lifted with the song
by fingered strings
and stops much mouthed

where one is trapped
all are

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  1. all too true, and behind wire or on wide land, in skins, in heads, it is all the same.


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