Monday, April 3, 2017

Kristen de Kline #79 broken things

not the only one    who throws little
things     into the air     not the only one    
malfunctioning      falling, melted
down     broken up

on Lawless Road in the Industrial Estate
Plastic Linda hovers next to a dumpster: TOXIC WASTE
her propeller blades no longer breathe over your cheeks or click methodically
reassuringly    as you try to sleep

it happens to the best of us, they say     engine trouble
you throw Plastic Linda in the boot of the car, reverse up Lawless Road
rev away from chattering sirens    paperwork     too heavy for a Friday afternoon
charge sheets blue flashing lights divorce papers     not weightless
falling melting down
hovering on Lawless Road  

Plastic Linda turns down offers of Bukowski Stein Ginsberg stolen kisses top-shelf Merlot
bent out of shape     her insides wrangle, tangle
for an uncomfortably long time     spokes slap blades
last week you gave her melancholia   now you can hear Plastic Linda
exhale, barely     then sigh  

you steal another poet's mosaic swirls     what's left of them
the scattered shards     fall broken     you run away from the city in your mind
that's faded     surrender your Passport     walk with bare feet on top of the shards
watch the blood      running into the grooves  

a chick on the side of the freeway tries selling you a heart
that only comes in     blue  
Courtney Love turns up in a dream, her hands tattooed
stars like little fish  
you sit on Lawless Road and look at the skies     an amethyst darker
shade of violet     everyday it feels like eccy Tuesday everyday you throw
little things into the air    drive away from the faded city
fall    broken     as you try to sleep  


  1. "little things into the air".
    Terrific poem.
    Thank you.

  2. Like Kristen's
    Plastic Linda
    a great line
    I gave her

  3. I love Plastic Linda. I am starting to think I will find her jammed in the letter box one day...

  4. ANd you never nicked nothing, see. lol

  5. this girls on a roll!
    with stars like little fish

    feels like a book m/s well on the way

  6. Thanks fellow poems for your encouragement, generous words & of course stolen lines! Yes, Kit, hopefully a m/s is on it's way. And Kerri, Plastic Linda may well turn up in your letter box - once I've retrieved her from the boot of the car!

  7. Plastic Linda has got to keep away from Bukowski - he deals in broken spokes.


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