Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Béatrice Machet # 287 Something series-22


Something about script thus about punctuation. Marks as tightrope walkers. Something like sharing in this graphic attempt for someone is carving desire and tenderness and gratefulness inside me. I’m not counting the many comas the many questions and exclamations sent in my system nor semicolons nor colons. I swear there is no period. No final dot to this something to this someone I learnt to know and love.

Quelque chose de l’écriture donc au sujet de la ponctuation. Points comme des funambules. Quelque chose comme partager dans cet essai graphique car quelqu’un grave désir tendresse et reconnaissance en moi. Je ne compte pas les nombreuses virgules les nombreuses questions et exclamations envoyés dans mon organisme non plus que les points-virgules ou les deux-points. Je jure qu’il n’y a pas de point . Pas de fin à ce quelque chose à ce quelqu’un que j’apprends à connaître et à aimer.


  1. An interesting take on marks, after previous posts how desire and love are never precise vs our bureaucracies:
    [The unprecedented admission by the British government that they had no “selfish,strategic or economic interest” in Northern Ireland was one of the key moments of the peace process committing Britain to neutrality. This statement was the result of sustained and intense negotiations by civil servants who argued fiercely over a comma in the sentence.]

    - for some reason a fantasy comes to mind of a PhD on commas in poetry came to mind -

    I am enjoying For Unity too, just got it this morning.

  2. thanks so much John, how nice to know how far the reflections can go and how a few lines can suggest and raise thoughts into one's mind! This is the true reward of sharing poetry! This is why I won't stop doing it!


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