Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chrysogonus #93 - durma

~ eighth song ~

a butterfly
in a dance

flaps grace
on the breeze

to the north, to the south 
on a flower, it stops

to the left, to the right 
for a while, before wind

comes pushing away
sometimes returning

sometimes it strays
aimless, lacking any goal

a restless wandering
for days and for nights

dry, the one that withers
before still blooming flowers

~ tembang kedelapan ~

kepak sayap kupu-kupu yang berdansa
di udara dan bergehenti 
menghampiri bunga 
lalu terhempas hawa 
berkelana tak kembali 
pagi dan malam 
hingga melayu mati 

PS : The Indonesian translation is written based on the original pattern of "Durma", 7 lines (12a - 7i - 6a - 7a - 8i - 5a - 7i)


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