Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Jan Dean # 18 Occult Day

Occult Day

Come out to play
alchemists, magicians

astrologers, diviners
fortune tellers

and those capable of ESP

beckon. Today is our day.

We’ll tease out answers
to so many riddles.

No thanks, I say

I’ll muddle along under
my own steam, minus
the power pack.

 (This one is out of order and my mistake - I was away and got muddled up with the postings!  That damn amanuensis. Cheers, Kerri)

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  1. Thanks Kerri. I thought this one offended your sensibilities as I know you follow tarot. These efforts in no way represent my position as I'm not strict in outlook. Thanks again, whether out of order, or not.


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