Monday, November 7, 2016

Jan Dean # 6 Trap & # 7 MWAH

# 6


Sore, like fingers
in a biscuit barrel, snapped shut
while you, reduced to digit size
are forced to stay inside, until
you devour every crumb.

The worst aspect of this scenario
is lack of variety, since
there is only one flavour.



I watched the Dinah Shore Show
before you were the dazzling glint
in your parents’ eyes, amazed
by the mutual admiration society.
Invariably the special guest would
be flattered by Dinah who said
Bing or Nat or Barbra or Jack
your hair or smile or outfit looks
wonderful today, and Bing
or Nat or Barbra or Jack replied
you look brilliant too. Since then
I’ve noticed the advance of warm
fuzzies, Buddhist and Christian
efficacies and such, and wonder
at the mountain they’ve gone over.
Just how sincere can all this be
when so many bad things rear?
At the end of each show Dinah
threw a happy kiss at the camera
and all of us, crying MWAH.


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